Preaching Just Stuff

Free Willcharles-09-01-2014-rojbc

Probably the most common definition of free will is the “ability to make choices, without any prior prejudice, inclination or dispositon.” and specifically that these “free will” choices are not ultimately predestined by God.

Most of the Fundemental Baptist preacher i have know over the last 55 years have been preachers that wanted to give the idea that they did not necessary need to study from other men about the Bible, that the Holy Spirit would give them a sermon.

The very idea that I went to serminary was to learn about the Word of God and be taught by those who knew the word of God and would help me know how to study and learn the Word of God.

They never taught me how?

In 1982 I got a book from the Shepherds Conference : “Toward and Exegetical Theology” or “Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching.” by Walteer c. Kaiser, Jr. I should have been taught the prinicples in this book in Seminary. I was not.

I was made a hell.

Listen Scripture is the foundation of the Church: the Church is the guardian of Scripture. When the Church is in strong health, the light of Scripture shines bright; when the Church is sick, Scripture is corroded by neglect; and thus it happens, that the outward form of Scripture and that of the Church, usually seem to exhibit simultaneously either health or else sick: and as a rule the way in which Scripture is being treated is in exact correspondence with the condition of the Church.

Preachers compline about the condtion of the church, when in fact the preaching of the Scritpures has been poorly presented.

The Church and Scripture stand or fall together.

Either the Church will be norished and strengthened by the bold proclamation of the Biblcial text or the health of the Church will be severely impaired.

Much of the preaching today around the world is feeding the church “junk food.” and all kinds of artificial preservatives and all sorts of unnatural substituesw have been served up to the body of Christ.

As a result, theological and Biblical malnutrition has afficted the very generation that has taken such giant steps to make sure its physical health is not damaged by using foods or products thatare carcinogentic or otherwise harmful to their physical bodies.


Simultaneously a worldwide spiritual famine resulting from the absence34 of any genuine publication of the Word of God (Amos 8:112) continuesto run wild and almost unabated in most quarters of the Church.





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