Charles e Whisnant, Quotes

ROJBC 08 28 16 CharlesWhen a Christian Believer profess Jesus Christ as their Savior, they also come to understanding that Christ is to be in control of their life, in their thinking, in their behavior. Salvation is a process of learning what God has giving us..

This is what Scripture teaches us: God needs to save us. He has to choose us, he has to regenerate us, and then He has to justify us by His divine power, why? Well simpy because we have neither the will or the ability to respond to the Gospel, why? We are dead spiritual to the things of God

Here is a wrong approach to soul winning: The preacher said to me when I was learning how to be a soul winner, We went out house to house, we knocked on the door, “Watch what I do”, he said. The person came to the door, “Sir have you ever become a Christian, have you been saved.” Now he had been a insurance salesmen, so he know how to get a yes response. Well having made his pitch, and the person said yes to all his questions, he announced that person had been saved.

Well have about six of those people getting saved, he then told me you go back and get them in church.

I went back and no one open the door to let me in.

The Bible does not give us any reason to believe that we have the freedom of our will. When you study the Scripture on the work of been born again, its always on God’s side. All the will to save anyone is on God’s side. And all the power to save someone is God alone. Tonight at 6 at ROJBC


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