Burington NC REVIVAL 2016

I have been following a little of this Burlington NC “Revival” Tent meeting. My Dad had a large tent revival in Burlington back in the early 1940’s. I wish I had talked to my Dad about those meetings.

While the 2016 meetings have drawn 1000’s to the meeting, and reports of many churches and pastors have been present, and many people have been excited about the singing and preaching, which I good, I have seen the emotional preaching, and singing, and the altar calls, and the many people who have come.

It has been reported that over   800 (I think) have made a “profession of faith”, sign a card, which has been given to other churches for follow-up. 100’s more have responded to the “altar call.”

Having been raised a Baptist, “altar calls” and emotional singing and preaching most of my life, and long invitation, and then giving a count at the end of the night how many responded. it is rare to hear an update a year later on the decisions that was counted.

The Revivals of Billy Sunday and Jonathan Edwards were different I believe.

While I have not heard any report on the overall effect on the surrounding communities of Burlington, but with the crowds of people coming I would hope that a large part of the commumities will be influenced and touched by these external things, and many people will have a greater love for the Lord, and a large number of people joining the churches, and been baptized and serving the Lord.

I wished that I had set down with my Dad to talk about his methods of evangelism, his opinon on “altar calls” and emotional invitations, and counting people saved. All I know there were new churches started and people were saved, becasuse I have seen those churches and had seen those who were saved in our home, even after 60 years. To me that is the result of a real revival.

A report on the meeting:





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