Charles e Whisnant, Preaching/Teaching

Often preachers like to say that they have had little time to study and that the Lord has given them a sermon in the last several hours.

There have been times that I was called on to preach at the last hour.  So what would I do?  Get up and say “Well, Pastor Leatherwood just ask me to preach this morning and I had little time to prepare a sermon, so I just ask the Holy Spirit to give me one.”  Right.   Oh it might sound good to the people,  they might say, “He sure is spiritual, he got a sermon from the Lord.”  but its not the right thing to say, even if it is true.  I always stayed prepared just for times like that.

From the beginning when I started in this work, I always keep what I write. (well almost.)  I loved trying to write in high school, I only wish I had had course in writing.

Thank the Lord, I started out with the discipline of studying.  I would not teach or preach without studying.

Before Seminary I studied for a sermon, when I got to Seminary I was taught that preaching was from the Holy Spirit and you didn’t have to study, just pray and let God give you a message. They said it, but they didn’t do it, they studied.

The philosophy of preaching in the Independent Baptist Fundamentalist rank is not biblical.

The number one critical response to my preaching was that I was teaching and not preaching.

The Lord wants us to preach the Word.  So the Lord has given us all we need to preach in the Word of God.  How can we really improve on God’s Word? We can’t. We need to preach and teaching and read God’s Word. i.e. the Bible.

We call putting together  a a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially one given during a church service and based on a passage from the Bible

A sermon is a discourse for the purpose of religious instruction or exhortation, especially one based on a text of Scripture and delivered by a a preacher/teacher.

When I say I will preach this coming Sunday, I am saying that I will proclaim the word of God.  What does that mean?  The Bible is God’s Word for mankind.

I know when I first started out preaching/teaching, when I was 16 years old, which is so hard to believe, I really had no idea what preaching was , other than trying to say what the Bible was saying in terms that those who would hear me understand what the Bible was saying.

Of course I didn’t know really how to take a passage of scripture and teach what the text was really saying.  So when I had my first Sunday School class of teenagers, I remember teaching the Psalms, and even Revelation.

I was blessed by the fact that Dad had a great library of commentaries.  In the study of the Psalms I used Charles Spurgeon’s notes.  I read a lot of Charles Spurgeon because Dad like his preaching.

When I taught Revelation, I used Oliver B Greene and John R. Rice books.  But what I did learn was to teaching the Bible passages, rather than say what I wanted to  say without the Bible saying it.

Of course over the early years I would use a lot of outlines that I had heard or read, I really enjoyed Lee Robertson’s sermons that was put out in the church newspaper, I used that a whole lot.  I would  take the outline notes and preach from those notes.

Those early years pre Seminary, I would read a lot, and study a lot.  I remember doing a study on Galatians (which I have never taught)  I did a verse by verse study of that book. I think I used Dad’s Thompson Chain Bible. (Which is one of the best) .

I like to write a lot, I would copy a lot, put down on paper what I was going to say.  I started out reading from a paper that I would write.   I would hardly ever preach without some notes in front of me.

Once when ask to preach at a young persons going away to seminary in Rocky Mount NC where Jerry Young was the pastor, I used a book on Fruit of the Spirit. (Still have that book somewhere).  But it was from Galatians 5:22 and 23.  I tried to teach what the passage was saying.

I had no idea what the term exposition teach was in those late teenager years was.  I just open the Bible to a book and tried to explain what the passages was saing, usually using my Scofield Bible or Thompson Chain or Mom’s Pilgrim Bible. (which I still have today)./

I figured that  Charles Spurgeon and Oliver B. Greene and John R. Rice knew that they were talking about.

Once I was reading “What Would Jesus Do” book, and as I read my soul was really touched. And I ask Dad if I could use this book to preach in church on Sunday.  And Dad said yes.  Dad would let me preach anytime.

After Seminary days, and then going to take my first position as a youth pastor in Wooster Baptist Tempe, in Ohio.  I used a lot of topical lessons. (which I still have some).

Then I took my first position as pastor, Madison Missionary Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio


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