Regeneration: The New Birth



Advanced Information

Scripture terms by which this work of God is designated:

Creating – Eph 4:24

Begetting – 1Jo 4:7

Quickening – Joh 5:21 Eph 2:5

Calling out of darkness into marvellous light – 1Pe 2:9

The subjects of it are said–

To be alive from the dead – Ro 6:13

To be new creatures – 2Co 5:17

To be born again, or anew – Joh 3:3,7

To be God’s workmanship – Eph 2:10

Proof that there is such a thing as is commonly called regeneration.

The Scriptures declare that such a change is necessary – 2Co 5:17 Ga 6:15

The change is described – Eph 2:5 4:23 Jas 1:18 1Pe 1:23

It is necessary for the most moral as well as the most profligate – 1Co 15:10 Ga 1:13-16

That this change is not a mere reformation is proved by its being referred to the Holy Spirit. – Tit 3:5

In the comparison of man’s state in grace with his state by nature. – Ro 6:13 8:6-10 Eph 5:8

In the experience of all Christians and the testimony of their lives.

Proofs that believers are subjects of supernatural, or spiritual illumination.

This is necessary. – Joh 16:3 1Co 2:14 2Co 3:14 4:3

The Scriptures expressly affirm it. – Ps 19:7,8 43:3,4 Joh 17:3 1Co 2:12,13 2Co 4:6 Eph 1:18 Php 1:19 Col 3:10 1Jo 4:7 5:20

The first effect of regeneration is to open the eyes of our understanding to the excellency of divine truth. The second effect is the going forth of the renewed affections toward that excellency perceived.

Proof of the absolute necessity of regeneration

The Scriptures assert it. – Joh 3:3 Ro 8:6,7 Eph 2:10 4:21-24

It is proved from the nature of man as a sinner – Ro 7:18 8:7-9 1Co 2:14 Eph 2:1

Also from the nature of heaven – Isa 35:8 52:1 Mt 5:8 13:41 Heb 12:14 Re 21:27

The restoration of holiness is the grand end of the whole plan of salvation. – Ro 8:28,29 Eph 1:4 5:5,26,27



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