False Religion is Demonic Energy


All False Religions, All Idols, Are the Source of Demons i.e. Demonic
First Timothy 4:1-3   Charles e Whisnant, February 2016

First Timothy 4 1 The Apostasy

“But the Spirit speaks explicitly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, (how?)


“Those who depart from God demonstrate an unbelieving heart.” And the heart is the issue.

All of this discussion really refers to a single word and that is the word apostate.

An apostate is someone who departs from the faith they know, the faith they understand and the faith which they previously affirmed. An apostate is not someone who never knew but someone who knew, not someone who never believed but someone who even on the outside believed, not someone who never behaved but someone who once behaved according to the revelation of God. But because the heart was never in it, because they never really knew God, they were lured away by the siren voices of the demons behind idols and false religious systems. They were led, it says in verse 1, by seducing spirits and the doctrines of demons to depart from the faith.

False religion is the playground of demons. Second Corinthians tells us that in chapter 11 Satan and his angels disguised themselves as angels of light and become the purveyors of religion. They call men to worship here or there, this system or that system, this idol or that idol, but behind the system and behind the idol are demons. Idols are more than just carved images. False religions are more than just systems of belief. They are demon-energized from the very start.

Leviticus 17:7 says that whatever men sacrifice to idols, they sacrifice to demons. Deuteronomy 32:17, Psalm 96:4-5, Psalm 106:36-39 says the same thing, all the gods of the nations are demons, demon idols.     First Corinthians 10,

An idol is not simply what it appears on the surface:

A false religion is simply the collection of ideas that it appears to be without understanding that behind it is

the energizing dynamic of fallen angels and a Satanic system of spirits who are through that means seducing people away from the truth into eternal hell.

Apostasy is demon seduction. Idol worship is demon worship. And false teachers are demon agents. And it is that clear in the Word of God.
First Timothy 4 launches into a discussion of the demonic force that comes against the truth.

The theme of the verse is this little phrase “some shall depart from the faith.”
The term “the faith” means Christian doctrine. Not faith in the sense of Christian believing but “the faith” in the sense of the content of what we believe.

So in giving us instruction on this matter of apostasy, there are six features behind the scenes as we look at apostates

Number one, is there predictability

Secondly, in understanding the apostates, their chronology

Thirdly, we learn another thing about apostates, their source.

Number four, we must also recognize not only the source but the teachers.

Let’s look at their teaching, number five

That brings us sixthly to their error. What is the error of such apostasy, such false teaching?


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