When Believers Doubt What To Do?

Luke 7 18-19 questions doubt A

Life is at its weakest when there’s more doubts than trust; but life is at its strongest when you learn how to trust God in-spite of the doubts

Luke 7: 18-23    When Believers Doubt and what to do
The Wrong Expectations of Salvation and the Savior Lead to the Savior Rejection or doubt  and lost of faith

To get his doubt resolved he went to the Lord, which showed that he believed.
Doubt, honest doubt, is not a bad starting point. It’s just a bad finishing point

. “Are You the Expected One?” Expected One being a technical term for the Messiah, the Coming One. Are You the One?

After all that John had been told by God Himself, after all that had been revealed to John directly; certainly we wonder why he would ask the question.

Well we’re introduced to the fact that even the best of men, the greatest of men, the noblest of men, the greatest of men who had ever lived can experience doubt. And so we’re talking about doubt, believing doubt.

Whenever you run into somebody with doubt, they are believers. Doubt is an issue with people who believe.

So we’re not talking now about having all the evidence and not coming to a reasonable faith, we’re talking about an honest kind of doubt that serves you very well.

Now some of the great heroes of the faith were really pretty monumental doubters to start with.


“Are You the Expected One or do we look for someone else?”

To get his doubt resolved he went to the Lord, which showed that he believed.

Everything that John sort of expected to happen hadn’t happened. And I think John had a pretty clear picture of what should happen.

four things that contribute to this kind of doubt for us as for John.

first: personal tragedy.

second reason for his doubt, popular influences.

third  incomplete  revelation.

Fourth:  Wrong Expectation:


If you say to me you have doubts, then what I’m going to say to you

is go to the Scripture, because the revelation of God is clear.

Read the Word, learn the Word, know the Word, trust the Word.


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