Jesus Was God In the Flesh

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This last Sunday January 10, 2016 sermon from Luke 7, my outline that I gave out was contained notes that I was able to teach.  As a matter of fact I only was able to finish the first point, and I taught fifty minutes at that.  

In my study of the Word of God I must confess as I have for 40 years I study from some really great teachers.  I have never denied my study from others.  When you do exposition teaching, which means you “exegesis”  i.e. an explanation or critical interpretation of a text.  

In order to “exegesis” the passage of scripture requires some study.  And in the old days before the internet we used books to help us with interpretation of the text which I still like to do, but now the Internet is filled with so many good resources. 

The greatest joy that a preacher has is to preach Jesus Christ. So teaching Luke has been great. Luke’s gospel gives us the clearest view that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. Jesus Christ has made know God to the world. Jesus shows the character of God.

The writer Luke in his historical setting of the life of Jesus Christ takes us step by step showing that Jesus was God.

Luke’s gives us the update status of Jesus, His daily walk, His dally teaching, His daily miracles, His daily encounter with the religious leaders of the day


Luke’s View Jesus As God in the flesh

LUKE 7:11-17

Charles e. Whisnant, Teacher, Expositor and sometime Pastor

Why is it important that we know that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh?In John 1:18 we read “No man has seen God at any time.”

What man has seen is the only begotten God. that is God the Son, which is He who is in the bosom of the Father. True so one has seen God at any time. But the best view ever is the view of God broguht to us by the only begotten Son of God, the One who is literally intimate with God, in the bosom of God, That is the One who is the same essence as God, He has declared Him or explained Him.

Jesus “exegesis” God, i.e. Jesus explains God. Jesus unfolds God. Jesus reveals God. So when we look at Jesus, you’re seeing God. So that is what Jesus Himself said , “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.” John 14:9

So the best, clearest view of God that any man has ever had, will ever have is in Jesus Christ, here on earth or in Heaven. Jesus Christ has made known God to the world. Jesus has exegeted God. He is, in fact, God in human flesh.

And it happened, that he went into a city

Point One: Divine Purpose

Jesus never did anything without a determinate destination and a predeterminated intention and there were no unforeseen events or problems and there was no second plans.

He is sovereign. He has perfect intentions for everything He thinks, everything He says and every act. His mission is clear, His objective is clear, His strategy is clear, His plan, His purpose will come to pass. God has a sovereign-bent for sure. (He was pre Calvinist before John Calvin)

Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 49:9-11

Every thought God has, every word God says, every act God does operates perfectly on divinely established purpose. And that is the way it is with Jesus. John 4:4; Luke 9:51; Luke 13:33

and many of His disciples went with Him, and a large crowd.

The Sovereign Knowlege of Jesus Christ: God knows the beginning and the end. Jesus Christ Himself as well, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. So here is Jesus with intentionality, moving in a direction toward an obscure little town that would never be known to us biblically if it weren’t for this one incident.


The above notes is as  far as I got in the message.  I seem never to finish a sermon.  I just quit and pick up next week.


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