Just Maybe

Post all the stuff about our President, but when the next Presdient gets in, you will think this President was not that bad after all.

Maybe the reason this is true, is maybe we as Christians have not prayed like the Scriptures has taught us to do.

ROJBC 12 06 2015 Peggy 1


Maybe Christians should carry a Bible with them rather than a gun.  Maybe Christians should wear a smile about the love and wrath of God with them rather than ….

Maybe Christians should welcome in to their church fellowship those who need the fellowship that would help them follow Christ.

Maybe we should talk to one another in a church service rather than just walking out of church. Just Maybe we should be willing to shake hands with those who need one rather than worrying about catching a cold from them.

Just maybe if we had professing Believers living their lives to the glory of Christ we just might have a place that God could accomplish someting.

For all the Hand gun carrying Christians, all the Hate talking Christians about our country, and all the superficial churches and preaching, and the rest of us, would just live and die to the glory of Christ and know we are not living for us but for the glory of God, just maybe ……..

When the church fellowship of professing Christians in some of our churches do not engage with each other, and think its them and no more, than we have failed as Christians.

When church members in some churches believe its all about them and what they want, they have failed to understand the Scriptures.

When members fail to follow the leadership of the church they fail to do what Scripure tells them to do.

Romans 14  – There is a sense in which “no man is an island”, for all our actions affect our fellowmen. But that is not what Paul is saying here. His thought is rather that neither in life nor in death can we escape the fact that what we do and are we do and are before God. Neither in life nor in death are we quite alone; we do both before God. No one lives or dies “for himself” (GNB). It is God, not self, that is important ultimately; to concentrate on self is to neglect our Maker and to sin against him (Black quotes D. M. Baillie, “the very essence of sin is self-centeredness”). V. P. Furnish sums up this section of the epistle by saying, “All these expressions refer to man’s release from the tyranny of a life turned in upon itself, preoccupied with its own ambitions and accomplishments, and thus alienated from its true destiny”; he cites 2 Cor. 5:15






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