Physcial and Spiritual Health

Charles library 11 15 a

An anecdote describes a conversation between three ministers, all having problems with mice in their church basements. The first reported, “We set traps, put out poison, tried noise, among other things, but failed to get rid of them.”

The second pastor added, “We tried all of that without success. We finally called in an exterminator, but the mice are back. We don’t know if we’ll ever keep them out.”

The third pastor spoke more triumphantly. “I had a team of men catch the mice. I baptized the mice, gave them a church membership, and I haven’t seen them since.”

This absurd little story satirizes a religious phenomenon: the inactivity among so many who see value in a life of faith but not enough to develop and strengthen it.


We are what we have been becoming for a number of years. Our physical heath as well as our spiritual health has been the result of what we have been doing over the years.

If we work on keeping physically strong it does have its rewards. One: Good energy, will help reduce exposure to sickness and accidents, Two: it will certainly help with better mobility, Three: it will heighten and improve relationships, Four: and increase and bring up our spirits Five: and have good sound sleep. The fact is that better health improves almost every thing else.

As well, successful godly living is heighten by nourishing spiritual activity, or intake. One: it will establish a good relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and assures we are part of eternity. Two: our appetite for what is good and gives us that eternal purpose to our lives is greatly increased. Third: it makes us ready and keeps us alert to the dangers of the flesh, the world and the devil.




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