God Can Raise People From The Near Death


Peggy Hall went to buy some gifts for her grand kids and when she came home, she said to John “You need to call, I need to go to the hospital.”

They came and took her to SOMC,  this was on Friday (?)  She said she does not remember the event.  Pastor Charles received word that Peggy was at SOMC and was on life support.

They told us at SOMC in the Intence Care Unit that she was on life support and that she was in a life situtation that did not look very promising.  But they were keeping here on life support, because her heart was only at about 15%.  (all the medical details I can’t give correctly)/ But to say she was in the hand of God.

Well, finally the Doctor said we have done all we can do we need to send here to OSU.  Or we could pull the life support and see what happens.

John Hall said, send here to OSU and within an hour they took her to Columbus. This was on Wednesday I think.

We get a phone call from John and he said they were going to take her off the life support.  One Friday he said she was breathing on her one.  He called back and said they are going to let her go home of Saturday.

She text and said she would be in church on Sunday.  Now I have just briefly stated the process but its amazing that Peggy was in our 10 a.m. 11 a.m. services on Sunday.




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