Why Members Leave the Church Part One


In first-century Jerusalem, if you didn’t like the music, the pastor or the amount of perfume Sister Bertha wore, you had to stay and work it out. Where else would you go?

Today in 2015 there are 300 churches one can go to.

Each week brings a new challenge for sure.  This past week another family walked out of the church and came back in and gathered all the stuff that they let the church BORROW while the were coming.

One of the oldest members of ROJBC who was in the hospital at the time that the mother and daughter and son walked out of the building.  They walked out talking under there breath as they left the building.

Now you might ask why did they choose to walk out of the building on a Sunday morning?  Good question.  Why would any person who say they are Christians just get so mad that they walk out of the building?

Personally I have myself got so mad that I quit over things that I wanted to just quit the minilstry all together.  As a matter of back I could write a number of post on this subject.

But usually I have got fired and ask to leave the buidling, at least in a church setting I was giving a few weeks to clear out my stuff.   In the secular world when I was fired I was ask to leave the building with a guard.

Now back to the churches where I left the bulding so mad that I said I will never come back to that building.  Most of the time I was so hurt over the treatment that I received by the pastor that the time was right to leave the church. But I ways told the pastor what I was doing.  You might ask were you really mistread or was that what you felt was happening to you? Good question to ask.  I don’t think the pastors were really trying to hurt us, or mistreat us at all. What I do believe thought, they felt that maybe we were a threat to their ministry, and they wanted us to leave before we took over the ministry. They ask us to leave by saying “I beleive you really need your own church to pastor, so why don’t you do that!””

Now back to our current church at ROJBC.  Should I go back to the very beginning in August 2008.  I almost hate to revisit those days.  Why people walked out of the building.  Before I came to families who were the backbones of the church walked out and to my understanding as of today they are not in church at all.  I was not the casuse of the leavning the church.  All I know that over 150 people were no longer in the church when I came in July 2008.  How many of those are in a church today I could not answer that question at all.

But I can say many of those who have left since I have been at ROJBC are in church somewhere, and for that I am very glad.  This is to say they got mad  the pastor and left but not necessary mad at the church or the Lord, and that is good.

There are a number of reasons why people have left the church:

One:  They didn’t like been told that they should be in the worship serivce rather than in children church.

Two:  One family left because the man didn’t think that I was conducting the services to his liking and he took his famly out.

Three.  One family who took all this famiily with him, got mad becasue he just didn’t like what I was teaching, along with a dozen other things he didn’t like.

Four:  Some have moved one to aother church becasue the moved.

FIve:  Some said they were looking for a church that had a good children ministry.

Six:   Some left because they felt that I was unfair, uncompassionate toward them.

Seven: Some have left because I was really to hard on them. I admit that I was.

Eight:  And of course the number one reason for leavng the church is that I am too hard on their chlld, or children.  (Which usually is correct.)


One thought on “Why Members Leave the Church Part One

  1. Tiffany Naegele says:

    For one why would u post your bussiness as a pastor ur churches or the congregation of the church on facebook?? I feel this is inappropriate and should b dealt with as a pastor and between them and God! No u didnt mention names but the ppl know u r speaking about them and for ppl to get over hurt or to heal having someone especially a pastor should not post the churches bussiness on social media! I find that offensive and i know we are all human and make mistakes but as a pastor ur held in a higher reguard and ppl look up to u for guidence and talking about them on facebook is not the answer! Im not judgeing that God place i guess i dont understand ur talking about the way things are in 2015 but ive never heard of a pastor doing this! Let the family calm down and go visit them and make a mends if they still dont want to come back that’s their choice.. I’m not saying ur to blame 100% for ppl leaving but u do hold some accountabiluty bc u r their pastor! U cant please everyone but when issues arise normally in a church if God truly dweels there and the holy spirit it works itself out bc God is who we truly seek not man.. God is who we let handle ppl, kids, and situations bc that’s who we intrust our all to.. his guidence is what is needed not ridicule.. posting this on social media is wrong I believe but who am i but i will definately pray for ur church and the pastor! In this world satan is ready to destroy us and our families and church families we need to count on God and stick together or were not going to make it!!! God bless all involved…

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