First Peter 3 Questions

LIVING WITH A DIFFICULT HUSBAND in a right manner for the glory of god and the example of Christ
Charles e Whisnant, teacher
First Peter 3:1-6
What Does It Mean To Be A First Peter 3 Wife?
1) What are the main points of this chapter?
– Our duties as wives and husbands (1-7)
– Our duties as brethren (8-12)
– Our duties as sufferers for righteousness’ sake (13-22)
2) What are wives told to be in regards to their husbands? Why? (1)
– Submissive; to convert those husbands who are not yet Christians
3) What does Peter hope the unbelieving husbands will observe in their
wives? (2)
– Their chaste conduct accompanied by fear
4) What should not be the focus of their adornment? (3)
– That which is outward: arranging the hair, wearing gold, their
5) What should be the focus of their adornment (4)
– The hidden person of the heart: the incorruptible beauty of a
gentle and quiet spirit
6) What other women so adorned themselves and were submissive to their
husbands? (5-6)
– Holy women of God in the past who trusted in God; specifically,
7) How are husbands to treat their wives? (7)
– With understanding and honor
– As to the weaker vessel
– As heirs together of the grace of life
8) Why should husbands treat their wives so kindly? (7)
– That their prayers not be hindered
9) What duties do we as brethren have to one another? (8)
– To be of one mind
– To have compassion for one another and love as brethren
– To be tenderhearted, courteous
10) How are we to respond when mistreated by brethren? Why? (9)
– With blessing; we were called to so respond, that we may inherit a
11) What proscription is offered for those who would love life and see
good days? (10-11)
– Refrain the tongue from evil, the lips from speaking deceit
– Turn away from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it
12) What is said of the righteous? Of those who do evil? (12)
– The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and His ears are open
to their prayers
– The face of the Lord is against those who do evil
13) What is the general principle regarding persecution? (13)
– If you do good, you will not be harmed
14) What is said of those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake?
– They are blessed
15) How should one prepare themselves for possible persecution? (15-16)
– Sanctify the Lord God in your heart
– Be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for
your hope
– Have a good conscience
16) If we maintain good conduct, what will happen to those who defame
and revile us? (16)
– They will be ashamed
17) If we suffer according to God’s will, what is better? (17)
– To suffer for doing good than for doing evil
18) Who also suffered for righteousness’ sake? For what reason? (18)
– Christ, the just for the unjust
– For sins, that He might bring us to God
19) Though put to death in the flesh, what was He able to do by the
Spirit? (18-19)
– Preach to the spirits in prison
20) When were such “spirits” disobedient? (20)
– In the days of Noah, during the longsuffering of God
– While the ark was preparing
21) Of what is the salvation of eight souls through water a “type”? (21)
– Baptism which now saves us
22) How does baptism not save us? How does it save us? (21)
– Not by the removal of the filth of the flesh
– As the answer (or plea) of a good conscience toward God, through
the resurrection of Jesus
23) What was the final outcome of Jesus who suffered for righteousness’
sake? (22)
– He has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God
– Angels, authorities, and powers have been made subject to Him

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