What Does the Bible Say About Trans-Gender Identity? Part One

We believe that the Bible is the authority on the Trans gender issue. 

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We have placed our understanding of gender to the Bible.  We believe that the Word of God is truth. We accept the what the Word of God has said. 

We form our belief from the study of the Scripture’s. 

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Has the Bible redefine Gender from Man and and Woman?


 Last month, a professor and former dean of theology who changed gender identities argued that the Bible defends those who renounce their birth gender, while a leading biblical expert on homosexuality said it condemns them as an “abomination

“I was dying last year because I couldn’t live that way anymore. .. I tried to be the best Christian woman I could be and today I get to be the best Christian I can be and the best person I can be,” Heather Ann Clements, former head of the theology department at Azusa Pacific University (APU) in Los Angeles, Calif., said in a sermon proposing a biblical defense of transgender identity. During that sermon, he came out as a transgender man, Heath Adam Ackley. Embracing his identity as a man, he claimed it empowered him to love God and others more.

The writers of Scripture viewed any attempts at overriding one’s birth-sex as abhorrent, a sacrilege against the structures of maleness or femaleness created by God, and ultimately a rebellion against the Creator who made our bodies,” retorted Robert A. J. Gagnon, an associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary who is considered the foremost expert on the Bible and homosexuality. Gagnon addressed Ackley’s arguments head on.

There is a listed various groups in the ancient Biblical setting who attempted to transform their masculinity into femininity: assinnus, kurgarrûs, or kulu’us; the galli. Deuteronomy 23:18 labels a similar group “an abomination,”

Some argued, listing other passages which mention these effeminate men (Deut 23:17-18; 1 Kings 14:24; 15:12; 22:46; 2 Kings 23:7; cf. Job 36:14).

It could be true for some people who embrace a gender identity at odds with their birth sex, some parts of the brain may function like the opposite sex. Nevertheless, chromosomes, genitalia, other external features, and hormones all fit one’s birth sex, showing God’s design.

This last August 16, 2015 took a look  Doctrine of the Organ of Humanity from Genesis 2 and 3



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