Rivers of Joy Baptist Church , Minford, Ohio June 21 2015

Well its Monday again, hard to believe that Sunday has come and gone, wish we had Sunday every day. I am not sure that others would say the same thing though. The fellowship with good people was so enjoyable at ROJBC. Charity loves her kids and I love teaching and preaching.

We did have another wonderful blessed Sunday at ROJBC. Mrs. Mildred King was our guest. She and her husband started ROJBC. She now lives in Texas. Also Rose Marie Skaggs-Lambert honored us with her present today. Great day.

Numbers 16 gives us a reason to think about fussing about leadership that He Himself has set in place over the people. I believe God has the same thinking today. Tonight lesson from Romans 13. The ground which you walk on just might open up and you might just fall in. Well that is a little extreme maybe

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