Charles e Whisnant January 18, and 21 2015


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An Exegetical and Expositional Commentary on First Peter


Getting to know Peter        1:1-2        Getting to Know Peter
Peter’s prayer for his readers    1:3-12        Peter’s Prayer for His Readers
Living in Holiness            1:13-16    Loving for Salvation 1:10-12
Living in Smart            1:17-21    Living Smart
Living in God’s Truth        1:22-25    Living in God’s Truth
Living like New Babies        2:1-8        same
Living with a New Identity        2:9-10        same
Living as Aliens and Foreigners    2:11-12    Living above to Flesh
Living obediently to human authorities    2:13-17 Civic Duties of Believers
Living as Christian slaves        2:18-25    Serving non-Christian Bosses
Living as Chrisitan wives         3:1-6        Winning a non-Christian husband
Living as Christian husbands     3:7        Husbands, live with your wife
Living Obediently             3:8-12        Live compassionately
Living with Abuse            3:13-22    Suffering unjustly   
Living in Paganism            4:1-6        Understanding suffering
Living in service to others        4:7-11        The end is near
Living in the fire            4:12-19    Understanding suffering
Living with one another, leaders, and members  5:1-5    Develop the Right atmosphere
Living    in victory over the devil    5:6-9        Standing up to opposition
Praising God                5:10-11    God’s Promise
Saying Goodbuy            5:12-14    Saying Goodbye
Context and Background: 

Serious study of the Bible requires careful analysis of the background and setting of the scripture passage. Failure to do this leads to interpretive garbage and possibly to heresy. Detailed study of the background doesn’t always answer all the questions, but it certainly gets us further along toward correct understanding of both the historical and contemporary meanings of a text. This serious examination of both the historical and literary background of every passage will be presented in summary form with each of the studies
When the non believers in seeing the lives of godly believers, they want praise the believers, instead, they will have to acknowledge the activity of God in the lives of believers even though they refused to accept it at the time.  In the day of judgment this is how it will be.

Here is the way to spiritual awakening in our world.  This is the only way to spiritual renewal.  Such is the key strategy in evangelistic outreach to the pagan world. Until a significant percentage of Christianity realizes the biblical truth here in First Peter 2, spiritual decline and deterioration will continue to happen in country after contry.  Christianity will continue to shrink and impact ever smaller percentages of the population


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