Can You Be A Christian and Not Be A Calvinists?

Someone that’s not a Calvinists but a follower of Christ and will never be a Calvinist, do Calvinists see them as non elect, deceived, blind, foolish, unwise, what’s the label?


  1. Non Calvinists are simply put, Christians with a lesser Biblical understanding of soteriology (the study of salvation) and a lesser understanding of Theology, and as a result are less adapt to answering questions about the very God they worship, and in some cases are actually PROUD they don’t “know a lot of Theology (the study of God)”
  2. Which, at the end of the day, makes them more likely to convey God incorrectly, as a needy, humanistic, lonely God who wrings his hands hoping SOMEONE will accept His poor Son. Thus, a low Theology is both dangerous, and irresponsible
  3. You can not be born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ without the principles of the doctrine of Grace or as some call Calvinism. But few fully understand the doctrine enough to understand it who are Christians
  4. When I became saved, at seven I had never heard of John Calvin.  I grew up as a teenager and never heard of John Calvin.  I was certainly born again.
  5. Just because you don’t understand theology doesn’t mean you can not be saved.
  6. The problem is when the Gospel is not presented in the right biblical light.

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