We Are In A Fleshly War Against Our Soul

January 14, 2014   Pastor/Teacher Charles e Whisnant

llFirst Peter 2 11 and 12 verses
1Peter 2:11  Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul.  (NASB:

Dearly beloved, i beseech 3870 you as strangers3941 and pilgrims 3927 abstain 567 from fleshy lust 1939, which war again the soul”5590

Right Living: Best Method of Evangelism:  2:11-12

1B    General Principles: 2:11-12
    1C    Abstain from following fleslhly passions: 2:11
    2C    Maintain good conduct among the unsaved: 2:12

How are we to bring about evangelism:

1B    The discipline of our inward and private life: 2:11

How To Define Fleshly Lust:

Abstain (568) (apechomai or apecho from apó = away from – the idea of putting some distance between, marker of dissociation, implying a rupture from a former association + écho = have) means to be away or be at a distance.

1Peter 4:2  Luke 21:34; Acts 15:20,29; Romans 8:13- Ro 13:13-14; 2Corinthians 7:1; Galatians 5:16-21; 2Timothy 2:22 ; 1John 2:15, 16, 17)

Peter calls for the believer to hold himself away from contact or influence of the strong desires that originate from our utterly depraved nature inherited from Adam and still latent even in those who have been born again.

If the selfish affections are allowed to act without restraint, they acquire a frightful and gigantic development and as we live for ourselves, we become gradually absorbed in our own selfish views and interests.

Gratification:  Romans 8:7; First Timothy 5:6; Galatians 5:24. The fastest road to defeat is the this road.

    We cannot pamper our appetites, the objects they delight in

Fleshly (4559) (Sarkikos from sarx = flesh)  refers to that which pertains to the flesh, in context the depraved nature inherited from Adam. It means having the nature of flesh, i.e., sensual, controlled by animal appetites (inherited from Adam), instead of by the Spirit of God.  Romans 8:12, Galatians 5:17

Lusts (1939) (epithumia from epi = at, toward {the preposition “epi-” in the compound is directive conveying the picture of “having one’s passion toward”} + thumos = passion. Root verb epithumeo = set heart upon)  is a neutral term denoting the presence of strong desires or impulses, longings or passionate craving (whether it is good or evil is determined by the context) directed toward an object

Other descriptions besides those already mentioned are: “of the mind,” Ephesians 2:3  “evil (desire),” Colossians 3:5; “the passion of,” 1Thessalonians 4:5 , RV; “foolish and hurtful,” 1Timothy 6:9; “youthful,” 2Timothy 2:22  “divers,” 2Timothy 3:6 ; Titus 3:3 ; “their own,” 2 Timothy 4:3 ; 2 Peter 3:3 ; Jude 1:16; “worldly,” Titus 2:12 ; “his own,” James 1:14 ; “your former,” 1Peter 1:14 , RV; “fleshly,” 1Peter 2:11  “of men,” 1Peter 4:2  ; “of defilement,” 2Peter 2:10 ; “of the eyes,” 1John 2:16; of the world (“thereof”), 1John 2:17; “their own ungodly,” Jude 1:18. In Revelation 18:14] “(the fruits) which thy soul lusted after” is, lit., “of thy soul’s lust.”  (Vine, W E: Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words. 1996. Nelson)

Wage war (4754) (strateuomai from strategos = army, stratos = an encamped army) means literally to perform military service, serve as a soldier in the army, go to fight,  carry on a military campaign, make a military expedition, lead soldiers to war or to battle.

(Romans 7:23; 8:13; Galatians 5:17,24; 1Timothy 6:9,10; James 4:1)

Against (2596) (kata) generally describes a downward movement and when used as a hostile sense as in this verse conveys the idea of “against”.

Soul (5590) (psuche or psyche from psucho = to breathe, blow, English = psychology, “study of the soul”)

is  the breath, then that which breathes, the individual, animated creature. However the discerning reader must understand that psuche is one of those Greek words that can have several meanings, the exact nuance being determined by the context.

A FIGHT FOR LIFE:  The flesh aims to damn the soul.  When you have a taste of bigger things, you begin the fall. You give up the flowers for greed you are going to lose.   Essessive indulgence in any appetite injures the body. They destroy the outer life as well as the inward soul. They will attack and conquer it and lead it into captivity. Remember Samson! 

If you allow the war to break out on the inside that are wrong, they will wage a war like you wouldn’t believe to destroy you. Sinful lust of unbelief, Impatience, Hardness of heart. Hypocrisy.  Rebellion against that which is good. Weariness in well doing. Pride. Anger. Envy.  Self-Love.  Covetousness. Uncleanness. Uncharitablenss.

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