The Disciples of Christ Luke 6

Luke 6 12 the Twelve cloudLuke 6:  The Disciples of Jesus METHOD:


Charles e Whisnant, teacher

The public relations experts would have pointed out 6 mistakes that Jesus made in His ministry:

He didn’t go to the upper-class of Jewish society: the influence, powerful and money.

He wasted His time by going to the opposite extreme and calling the poor, the sick and shepherds and tax collectors and fishermen i.e. the low life’s of society

Didn’t try to talk people into supporting Messiah ship: There was no sales pitch/ Jesus only challenged the people to follow Him.

He alienated those in leadership. Was bad enough he didn’t pick any of the top echelon, but it seems He went out of His way to confront them

He refused to compromise. So often in the business/political world its a matter of give and take in leadership/ Not Jesus

The group of guys He chose to be His reps, His PR men

They had little education and very little spiritual perception.

They had no formal training for the ministry

They were rude No hospitality: When faced with a hungry crowd they told Jesus “Get out of here.”

When kids were brought to Jesus, they rebuked those who brought them.


Today if someone is organizing a series of outreaches, they want to get a group of highly trained professionals, and good communicators. NOT Jesus: think about His initial FRONT MAN. John the Baptist.

NOT EXACTLY MAN’S IDEA OF STIMULATING CHURCH GROWTH: Jesus did preach before the thousands, but His teaching was the training of the 12 men who started out as disciples then He made them Apostles.

Verse 12, “And it was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.

So Jesus before He made this decision about who was going to be His apostles he had to pray all night. “Lord are you sure these are the ones.” (well no but we might have said that.)

Many of the people would have said, Lord we don’t really understand why these guys? Jesus said, “They don’t.

How are you going to reach them? Three years of training.

But really note that Jesus prayed to the Father over this great decision.

PRAYER was a key part of Jesus life.

This reflected His desire to live in constant communion with His Father as well as in continual dependence

The disciples realized this as being -the key ingredient – why they said to Him teach us to Pray – not preach or do miracles or even raise the dead.



There was no accident that the Lord gives us their names.

Note that there was a strange mixture of Team-Members

Today, Jesus would have been advised to go the the Master’s Seminary, one of the best theological seminaries and pick the best professors.

And those with the most charisma to command the attention of the crowds.

Then get several millionaires on the team.

Maybe a pro wrestler tyo use as body guards they are going to need it.


Instead he went to the Fisherman’s Wharf in Galilee and picked unknowns for goodness sake. The would today would have said they are a bunch of losers.

Take your Bible and look at Luke chapter 6. We come to verses 12 through 16. Here we are introduced to the Twelve Apostles and we’re going to cal;l the series “The Master’s Men.” The Twelve Apostles are introduced to us in this important text.

Twelve Ordinary Men called by Jesus to do some uncommon things.

I want to read the text for you and then we’ll introduce this study and before we’re done, in the weeks to come, we will get to know each one of these Twelve men as well as we possibly can, given what is in Scripture about them.

Verse 12, “And it was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray and He spent the whole night in prayer to God. And when day came He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them whom He also named as Apostles;

  1. Simon, whom He also named Peter, (Most would’ve fired him within a week: Impulsive…… Could NOT sit a wait for things to happen/Tried to make them happen

  2. Andrew his brother (Once a disciple of John the Baptist. But we find him reluctant to trust God.) John 6:9

  3. James and

  4. John (They had allot of zeal but no tact… Jesus rebuked them for their intolerance. (I can picture them wearing Black leather robes)

  5. Philip : (Timid Galillean. Didn’t approach Jesus like Andrew & John- He waited until Jesus invited him to join. ) has been called a Calculating Pessimist At the feeding of the 5,000……. Jesus asked Philip “Where will we get enough food?”….. Where is the money.

  6. Bartholomew: (This is the guy who was 1st to doubt Jesus was Messiah. John 1:45-51

  7. Matthew: (ATax Collector for the Roman Govt. That put him on the “most hated list”in Israel Ahead of robbers, murderers. He was Considered a traitor by his own people for selling out to the Romans, They swore to assassinate every traitor & every Roman they could.

  8. Thomas, (Doubting Thomas”. The pessimist… He only saw the dark side of things: Negative. When Jesus said they were going to Judea, – it was Thomas who reminded Jesus – They want to Kill you down there .

  9. James the son of Alphaeus and

  10. Simon who was called the Zealot, A Political Religious party of fanatical nationalists . They hated foreign domination & fought for independence -They were the Israeli Freedom fighters. They swore to assassinate every traitor & every Roman they could. The Zealots – carried long – hooked knives under their coats – when they found a Roman – or a traitor like – Matt. Simon was the kind of guy to stand up & yell, “Kill the Pinko Communist Romans!” That would be like having an Israeli Zionist & Yassir Arafat of PLO together!

  11. Judas the son of James and

  12. Judas Iscariot who became a traitor.”‘ He was a FALSE disciple who became a traitor /He was also a thief.When Mary poured ointment on Jesus’ feet… Judas protested – waste John 12:6 This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it.


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