Calvinist Dispensationalism

John MacArthur teaching Masters

It was 1973 when I was just at the end of the ministry at Madison Missionary Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio that I found a tape by John MacArthur, at it was from Ephesians 4:12. And that tape changed my ministry 100%.  In 1982 I went to the Shepherd’s Conference, and again in 1990 and again in 1993 in Oklahoma  City, OK. From 1982 to 1996 I receive weekly his tapes, and the booklets to go along with the sermons.  Since then to today I have listen to him. 

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Sure no preacher is perfect in his theology, and but I have chosen to listen to his bible teaching.  If you want to know what I believe, you will need to listen to John MacArthur. I have never lied that much of my sermons and study have come from John MacArthur.


John MacArthur upholds and defends all the basic tenets of traditional Dispensationalism: the sharp distinction between Israel and the Church, the “church age” as “parenthesis,” the pretrib rapture, the two-stage resurrection of the dead, the future millennial kingdom with animal sacrifices being offered, the whole nine yards.
Evidence: the doctrinal statements of Dr. MacArthur’s church and seminary (both of which I attended) are both strongly Dispensationalist. Dispensationalism is evident in John’s sermons, and is promoted in the MacArthur Study Bible. As well, John recently coedited a book entitled “Christ’s Prophetic Plans,” which is a defense of traditional Dispensationalism (now called “Futuristic Premillennialism,” but as co-editor Dick Mayhue explains on page 61 of the book, their version of Futuristic Premillennialism *IS* Dispensational Premillennialism).
John does deviate from the old school Dispensationalists on the “Lordship salvation” question. He’s also a five point Calvinist, as opposed to the four-point Calvinism and Arminianism more typical of older Dispensationalists. These are significant differences, no doubt. But again, on matters that go to the core of what Dispensationalism teaches — hermeneutics, the Church vs Israel, two-stage 2nd coming, two-stage resurrection — MacArthur is right there with Scofield, Chafer, Pentecost, Walvoord, and Ryrie.


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