Charles e Whisnant, Pastor/Teacher. Sunday December 2012, 2014 Part 1 of 3 Luke 1:78-79 Bible Study: Who Go To Heaven?



God’s great visit to us is the incarnation of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  LUKE 1:78-79

Charles e Whisnant Pastor/Teacher, 2014

I will post all three sermons on VIMEO.COM

Sunday Evening December 21, 2014 Part three of the sermon I started in the Bible Study Hour

What does the coming of Christ mean to us?

We’re so helpless that God sent a baby-a baby!–to help us out of the mess we’re in.

1. It is Light to those who are in darkness. Christ is the light!

He has come into this world and nothing can ever be the same again. One writer notes that “there are a great many dark places in our life, but there is no darker place than our sins.” We all have those “dark places,” and we don’t know what to do about them. The wisest philosophers and the most illiterate peasants have no answer for the problem of sin. But when Christ shines his light, he doesn’t merely condemn us, he says, “Come to me. Believe in me. Trust in me,” and when we do, our sins are forgiven forever.

2. It is Pardon to those condemned to death.

Put your face to the sunrise.”     Too many people just deny they are in the darkness of sin.

Gail Russell, whom was such a beautiful girl and was so messed up as to her need to over come stage fright)  She was in so much darkness of not knowing how to get out of the trouble she was really in.  She could not over come a serious alcohol problem.  It destroyed every part of her life and damaged every relationship she had.  Her marriage was destroyed. Her career was destroyed.  Her life was destroyed.  And died at 36 years old.  She hit rock bottom. Only if the “the light had been shown to her but it wasn’t.

I think that’s what Tim Keller was driving at when he said that Christmas means the end of thinking you are better than someone else, because you’re not, I’m not, we’re not. We’re all in the same boat, and apart from the grace of God, we’re all going down together. It is a big advance spiritually to be able to say, “I am a sinner too.”  As long as we pretend we’re okay, or as long as we blame others, or as long as we make excuses for our bad behavior, we are still living in the darkness of denial.

If you want to go to heaven, you’ve got to get off your high horse. Until you do, you’ll never be saved.

3. It is Guidance to those who have lost their way.

  1. Psalms 107:19; Isaiah 9:2; Isaiah 42:16; 59:8; Matthew 4:

4. It is Christ that Gives.  “to enlighten them that sit in darkness

  • Luke 2:32; Isaiah 49:6,9;  Isaiah 60:1-

5.  It is Christ that comes to shine and guides

  • Jeremiah 6:16; Isaiah 48:17, 22

So this is what Christ’s coming means to us . . .

Light   Pardon    Guidance

This is the difference that Jesus Christ makes.
            -When he comes into a life, the shadows flee away.
            -When he comes in, the guilt of our sin is removed and we are set free.
            -When he comes in, despair disappears for our feet have found the path of peace.


I want to think Ray Pritchard for the outline and the reason I taught this lesson. 


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