Preaching and Commentaries

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Pastors, we need to be grateful for the abundance of commentaries and theological writings about most any passage we would set to preach to our congregations.  Allow them to confirm, even correct our own thoughts we have formulated in our own study, but guard from relying too much on them. 

We need not be lazy in our study we can be tempted to, but we need to do the hard work that allows the Spirit of the living God to work that text in us as a word that would speak specifically to our flock, and thus bring us to the place where we would preach it to our unique congregation in the power of Christ. (But I do use the great men in preparation)

Authentic, Biblical, Spirit-filled preaching where the preacher has been deeply impacted by the passage he preaches is just as needed today as it has every been. We need  to  keep  on the right path to get us there in our own pulpits.


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