Getting Understanding of the Word of God



Michael J. Kruger*

A simple statement from a kindergarten song such as“the Bible tells me so” is sufficient to prove the truthfulness of Christianity. That fact should prove to Christians that defending their faith from the standpoint of neutrality is fruitless.

Believers have become enamored with a neutral starting point in apologetics because of the influence of modernism and postmodernism in today’s culture.

Such a neutral beginning point is impossible because of a disagreement with unbelievers over the nature of knowledge. Also, neutrality is ineffective, because it grants
autonomy to the unbeliever by releasing him from the authority of the Bible, and is inconsistent, because the Bible makes clear that Christ is the source of all knowledge.

Since the Bible is sufficient in apologetics, Christians should attack the unbeliever’s worldview in addition to defending his own.

God’s claim on the human intellect is absolute, not minimalistic. Because of this claim, apologetics is
theological and not just philosophical. Arguing presuppositionally by using the Bible as the ultimate authority enables the Christian to cut the legs from under an unbeliever’s argument.

Part 1 of 2: Introduction and Creation
by John M. Frame
IIIM Magazine Online, Volume 1, Number 8, April 19 to April 25, 1999


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