A Spiritual Pastor and Preacher

  • How would you describe a Spiritual pastor and leader? That would be nice to know, maybe I could work on been one.

    He Preaches only from the King James Bible, and expository preaching, as well as Verse by Verse. And he does not go to the perverted versions at all, he only studies and preaches from the King James Bible.

    For years and years I preached this idea of KJV only kind of Baptist.  I still use the KJV.  I stopped when I saw the perversion of the preaching with preachers who preach from the KJV.

    God’s Authoritative self-revelation

    I have learn its not the kind of translation we read of the Bible that is the problem, its the interpretation and application of the Bible we are readying. With all the translations good and bad, God is greater than anyone of them, He can save those who don’t have a bible in their language when the message is from God.

    Those who preach what they believe so loud usually are the very things they do in secret. We should preach and teach Christ and His righteousness and not ourselves. I should be an example yes, but Christ is the One whom people should follow not man. Look to Christ and Him alone for strength and righteousness and forgiveness.

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