Romans 12:11

      -- Some examples of the contrast:
      1. Some work 40 hours a week (and more) for physical needs, then
         balk at spending 4 hours a week in worship and Bible study!
      2. Some get up early to work or play, yet complain about getting
         up even later on Sunday to worship God!
      3. Some will watch TV an average of 14 hours per week, but can't
         find 3 hours a week to read the Bible!
      4. Some will take courses at night to improve their skills, but
         aren't willing to attend gospel meetings or Bible studies!
      5. Some can learn the stats for their favorite team, but say they
         can't memorize scripture!
      6. Some let or even encourage their children to miss services for
         a sports event or school function, but not vice versa!
      7. Some will make their children brush their teeth, make the bed,
         etc., but make them attend services...never!

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