Quotes by Charles on Facebook, Passon for Preaching


Inclusivism, one of several approaches to understanding the relationship between religions, asserts that while one set of beliefs is absolutely true, other sets of beliefs are at least partially true. It stands in contrast to exclusivism, which asserts that only one way is true and all others are in error. It is a particular form of religious pluralism, though that term may also assert that all beliefs are equally valid within a believer’s particular context. Ok! its does seem we all have this exclusivism approach!!@!

In preparation of the sermons for Sunday, three lessons, I will study a few hours, which includes prayer, thinking, meditation, a lap, and reading, writing, typing. I would say I will read more than twenty different books (on Romans, Luke, and the Tabernacle) Now in the sermon presentation I will not mention all the resources that I used to complete the sermon. How then does it take 45 minutes to say what I have on four pages, and have 20 pages to go.?

God gave us four children to raise and then let them out into the world. So we have them for 20 years and then let them go. Our lives was not totally for our children, thus when they leave they are set to live their lives, and we are set to live our lives together. We love it when our family comes home for a nice visit, we miss them when the are gone.

Chad Whisnant You and mom did a great job giving us guidance and love to prepare us for our adult lives in the real world. I thank you for the moral compass you instilled in me. I would not be here today without it ever guiding me to what I know is right. We are blessed to have parents like you. I wish we were able to visit more. However it does make those visits all the more special. We miss you just as much as you miss us. Love you both soooooo much.

There are those who think if you use John MacArthur, Martin Lloyd-Jones, John Piper, David Jeremiah, Charles Price, John Calvin, Martin Luther Charles Spurgeon, Ray Pritchard, Ray Steadmen, Steve Lawson, etc, sermons and don’t mention them in your sermon that you should not be preaching! I totally disagree. First I would love to mention that I know these men, (well those who are alive) and sometimes I do. I would love to mention all the references used in the preparation of a sermon. To claim that my sermons are 100% or even 75% totally from my own thoughts would not be true. What I know and say has been put into my mind by my reading and studying others over the last week or over the last 50 years. I have reworked many outlines, notes and sermons over the years.

Spiritual Leadership: The main dominant feature of your leadership will be your preaching. And that is how you lead the people that is how you shepherd the people of God, by preaching the word of God, teaching the word of God.

Bibliography are great. I love searching out resources. For example I was ready a article and these are the bibiography books:

Boehlke, Paul R., Laurie M. Knapp, Rachel L. Kolander. “Putting Presuppositions on the Table: Why the Fondations Matter.” Zygon 41, no. 2 (2006). http://www.zygonjournal.org/issue2006_2.html

Helm, Paul. “Understanding Scholarly Presuppositions: A Crucial Tool for Research?” Tyndale Bulletin 44, no. 1 (1993). http://www.tyndalehouse.com/…/TynBull_1993_44_1_09_Helm_Sch… 12 pages good.

Klein, William W., Craig L. Blomberg, Robert L. Hubbard. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation.Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2004. $25.79 Amazon

Swanson, James. Dictionary of Biblical Languages with Semantic Domains: Greek (New Testament).Vol. 1997. electronic ed. Oak Harbor: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1997. $30.00


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