Christ in the Book of Acts

By Charles e Whisnant


  1. Christ is the Holy Spirit that came.
  2. Christ is the topic of Peter’s Sermon
  3. Christ is the name used to heal the lame man
  4. Christ is the sermon of Peter and John on the resurrection from the dead.
  5. Christ is the exalted of God who is on the right of of God.
  6. Christ is the spirit upon which the deacons were chosen.
  7. Christ was the speech that Stephen spoke before he was stoned.
  8. Christ was the content of the gospel that was proclaimed in Samaria
  9. Christ shook the earth and cause Saul to hit the ground to bring about his salvation
  10. Christ heard the prayers of Cornelius.
  11. Christ was the topic of Peter that He was Lord of all
  12. Christ is the subject at the Jerusalem church.
  13. Christ prayed to and Peter was delivered from prison.
  14. Christ called out Paul and Barnabas to be missionaries
  15. Christ directed Paul and Barnabas into the mission field.
  16. Christ whom they believed on shall be saved.
  17. Christ gave the Macedonia call to Paul.
  18. Christ is the judge of the world and time for men to repent.
  19. Christ was shown by Scripture that Jesus was Christ in Corinth.
  20. Christ was the name upon which many were saved.Christ is the head of the Church
  21. Christ was Paul defense before those in the temple.
  22. Christ was Paul’s salvation on the road of Damascus
  23. Christ was good cheer to Paul in time of trial.
  24. Christ was the subject of Paul before Felix
  25. Christ was with Paul before Fetus and Agrippa
  26. Christ is the gospel proclaim: “To open their eyes, and to turn the from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” vs. 18
  27. Christ is the Captain in the time of storm
  28. Christ is the preaching of the kingdom of God .

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