Would You Leave This Church


I’ve been studying reformed theology and the five points of Calvinism for about a year now and I am so grateful for it. The church that I have attended for the past four years is a non-denominational mega church, the teaching is more application based and is not a reformed church, but I didn’t think it was exactly Arminian either because the pastor never took a side publicly until today when he said God does not predestine people and we have free will and then in turn made it seem foolish for others to think otherwise (you in the front row: saved, you over there: hell, God doesn’t do that. You have free will. Make the choice today blah blah blah). I’ve been praying for the past few weeks as I have found myself more and more convinced that reformed theology is biblical, about whether or not I should stay in my current church or if I should seek out another church. I love my church, the pastor, and the people I have formed wonderful relationships with that I am a little sad about the idea to leave. This week as well a “married” lesbian couple was allowed to become members of the church because “we are all sinners and if sinners didn’t come we wouldn’t have a church”. I do believe that homosexuals should be welcomed in our churches but to allow them to become members who have no desire to repent is not the way a pastor should shepherd his people. My husband and I are going to continue to pray about this. There are other aspects of this church that are wonderful, I’m confused. Please pray for us as well and if you have been through something similar, your encouragement is welcome. Thanks for reading my rant

I read this comment today on one of the groups I am on.


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