Why Do You Read? Why Were You Educated?

1 Peter 1 Salvation Rewards 

There has been always from the beginning of time the universal search for the nations for revelations of the Deity and indications of His will, and proves a vividly – felt need of self – revelation on His part, a need making itself directly felt in man as he stands with childlike simplicity in presence of God and nature.

But although points of attachment were given to the nations in nature and history, intellect and conscience, in which they might discern the Deity, still the uncertain, superstitious, inquisitive, and insane feeling after divine revelation beyond the sphere in which God was pleased to make Himself known to them, shows how little these revelations could satisfy the natural man with his nature corrupted and power of perception weakened by sin.
But great as was the error and selfishness of the course man took, it was the outcome of the noble hunger for God implanted in him and nowhere fully satisfied in heathenism.

With this the revelation of the Lord to Israel stands in power contrast. He announces His ways, usually unsought, in clear speech, thought His Spirit, who is essentially distinct from the spirit of nature – a free, moral power, – and distinct also from the national spirit, a holy, chastening, and redeeming power of God.

Question: For what purpose where you educated? Why did you get your education?

Question: Why do you read? How do you read? What do you hope to get from your reading?

Question: How do you read any literary work? How often?

Question: What was the last piece of literary work that you were so moved that your whole consciousness was changed by the experiences?

Question What experience or book that you have read that it is constantly and prominently presently in your mind?


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