What Is One World View of “The Self” False View


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The self: As strictly physical beings, we don’t exist as immaterial selves, either mental or spiritual, that control behavior. Thought, desires, intentions, feelings, and actions all arise on their own without the benefit of a supervisory self, and they are all the products of a physical system, the brain and the body. The self is constituted by more or less consistent sets of personal characteristics, beliefs, and actions; it doesn’t exist apart from those complex physical processes that make up the individual. It may strongly seem as if there is a self sitting behind experience, witnessing it, and behind behavior, controlling it, but this impression is strongly disconfirmed by a scientific understanding of human behavior.” (Center for Naturalism, CFN, Tenets of Naturalism)

Guiding Philosophy  http://www.naturalism.org/center_for_naturalism.htm

Based on knowledge derived from the physical and social sciences, the world view that is naturalism holds that human beings are fully included in nature.  Science tells us that we are connected and united, in each and every aspect of our being, to the natural world.  There is, under naturalism, nothing supernatural about us which places us above or beyond nature, but this is something to be celebrated, not feared.  Practically speaking, naturalism holds that an individual’s development and behavior are entirely the result of prior and surrounding conditions, both genetic and environmental.  Naturalism, therefore, denies that persons have contra-causal free will – that something within them is capable of acting as a first cause.   But this isn’t a problem, it’s just how things are


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