Quotes and Thoughts about Life and Death


Read the Scriptures like the noble Bereans, diligently searching to see if these things are so. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Hazelnut coffee is a tearjerker.


“You say life is too short; I disagree. It’s the longest thing you’ll ever experience”, at least in this lifetime: it lasts literally from the cradle to the grave. No matter how short or long, it’s too important to waste, and we only have the one chance, the one life, to get it right, and we have to learn as we go. It’s much too important to waste. Wasting a large amount of something is worse than a small amount. It’s valuable and scary and beautiful and wonderful and crazy and we get to experience it as long as we’re alive.

“You are precisely where you need to be.”
“It could have happened no other way.”
Everything happens for a reason, in the great plan and Providence of God.

Photo: Love Life & let it Love You back #fortunateyouth #lovelife #lifeistooshort

When we see that the not-now can affect the now, that the past can destructively interfere with the present or the future, the sane thing to do is to separate oneself as thoroughly as possible from the not-now in such a way that any possibility of recurrence — of the past being dragged in to the present — is minimized or eliminated, while maintaining a view to the present and the future.
When we do this — when we insure that the past is not dragged in to the present, and look here and ahead instead of behind — it is called by the past, ‘burning bridges’.


Photo: Love it or Hate it? :D

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Photo: Hope.

# Life's Oddities & Varieties


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