nfralapsarian or Supralapsarian? Theological Definition of peccata voluntaria,

As one emphasizes the historical narrative the other the purpose and sovereignty of God, yet both are inseparable.

Nadalapsarian (reject both views).

Theological Definition of peccata voluntaria,Theological Dictionary of the N.T. by Geoffrey book   Theology what-is-theology

Proverbs  1:3 

to receive instruction
in wise dealing
in righteousness,
justice, and equity;
Proverbs 1:3



sins; once actual sin (peccatum actuale, q.v.) is distinguished from original sin (peccatum originale, q.v.), it must be further defined according to the kinds of actual sin that are committed. A basic distinction can be made between (1) peccata voluntaria, voluntary sins, which are the result of positive human willing, and (2) peccata involuntaria, involuntary sins, which do not arise out of malice but out of ignorance, fear, and the like. The Protestant scholastics, following the Reformers, reject the medieval and Roman Catholic distinction between peccata mortalia (q.v.) and peccata venialia. In place of these, they distinguish sins further into peccata commissionis and peccata omission is, sins of commission and omission, and peccata cordis, oris, et operis, sins of heart, mouth, and action (i.e., thought, word, and deed). SEE homo.

Richard A. Muller. Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology (Kindle Locations 2649-2653). Kindle Edition.


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