Charles e Whisnant, Expositional Teacher & Bible Preaching and attention giving to Theological Content June and July 2014

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These photo shots of me are from the video sermons we had in in June and July.  All of our worship services are in the same room.

Education and sound theology.


Until then you can Google how scientific theory works, It’s all over the net. But until then please understand that the Big Bang Model (BBM) and the sound theory that the universe is expanding does not disprove God in any way. It actually reinforces the Creation story, if it is read in the literary sense . It proves that the universe had a beginning as the ancient writer of Genesis (Probably Moses) recorded. Also if you are basing your belief in the literal interpretation of Genesis, that God Created the universe in six solar days, that would become very problematic since He didn’t Create the sun until the 4th day, and also since days mean nothing to an infinite being.

Also keep in mind that many theologians and scholars disagree with the literal interpretation of Genesis that fundamentalists have adopted. Even the Church Fathers such as Thomas Aquinas wrote that the creation story, and the first chapters of Genesis shouldn’t be discerned in the literal sense. So guess what? No Talking snake either .

I would add this the above comment:

In the beginning God!  And in the end of this world, God

will still be. The age of the world is not as important as knowing God is the Creator of all things.  God is God and My His Word All things are controlled. It is much easier to believe God with one word created the Universe than for Him to take 13 million years to do it. .


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