1964 to 2014 In Ministry


1964  – 2014

An overview of the ministry and work that I have had over the last fifty years.

As a Pastor/Teacher:       27.2 years

As a Youth/Pastor:          10.6 years

Seminary/Bible Study     9.2 years

Down times                      3.2 years

I was figuring out the number of sermons/ lessons I have given:

And if I have taught on an average of three times a week, and most of the time its been four times a week for 27 years the total would be 4,050 lessons/sermons.  And if for 10 years at one time a week and most of the time it was two times a week the total would be 500 times. Thus the total would now be 4,550 lessons/sermons.  Could this be right.

Most preachers preach about two times a week (well sermons) sometimes some preach the same sermon twice on Sunday) and some preach on Sunday Evening, and few preach on Wednesday.

Over the years I have been:

  1. Camp Director (Pleasant Valley Ranch}’
  2. Bus  Director: {Victory, Calvary, Gideon)
  3. Children Church Director along with Charity: (Calvary,
  4. Educational Director: (Victory, FBC Haltom City, Portsmouth)
  5. Building/Grounds: (  (Ashland Ave)
  6. Custodian: (Southern Acres)
  7. Training Union: (Worth)
  8. Consultant: (Biglow)

It has never been my plan to be in so many places over the years. I have never wanted to go from church to church. If I had had my choice I would have stayed where I was working.





My Dad was a pastor/preacher/evangelist for 44 years before he died in 1966, so I was raised in a preachers home. Its been my whole life. I have worked in too many churches, and have pastored four churches. All my life now 66 years have been involved with ministry. I have worked in the secular world almost as much as I have in churches. I have had down time where I was not preaching and working in a church on the staff. I have been in large churches (Hyles and Falwell) and in small churches and find all churches and pastors are about the same. I have never lost the desire to preach and teach, but had wondered if I were ever going to again. Now after the last six years of preaching/teaching and 900 lessons/sermons later I still enjoy the study and teaching of the word of God.


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