Beginning the Seventh Year as Pastor/Teacher

2014-07-08 08-08-59.563Today July 8, 2014

Sunday came and went at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church, there was no fanfare, no thank you for six years of been our pastor/teacher. but that is the way our people seem to be.  I really don’t take all this personally because its to the glory of the Lord that I do anything.

For the last six years we have seen little in the way of increase attendance, as a matter of fact they have really gone down.  The transition has been good, but in the process we have had many to come and leave.  All the original deacons have left, the piano player has left, several Sunday School teachers have left.

The week before I came the first week of July 2008 the children’s teacher quit and the young man who  trying his best to fill in he and his family quit and 80% of the offering left with these two families.

When Bob Temple and I arrived, we were only going to preach a few Sundays.  While 90% of the congregation had already left over the last 18 months there were  a few left.  Of those who were left over the next five years left some left as well..  Many came to see what kind of preacher I was and didn’t come back. That can hurt one’s feelings you know.

But a few good members did stayed and are still with us today, come did come back and are good members today as well.

But I must say we have really enjoyed the last six years as far as getting alone and having good fellowship and enjoying teaching the Word of God.  Those who have come and have stayed are doing great and love the Lord and love the church.


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