Research Bible Sources For Study

100_2300100_2293100_2294100_2296The truth of Scripture teaches us that to know the Word is not too hard. Deuteronomy 30:11 this is truth.  

You can get get an understanding of the scripture, yes, sometimes you need to really study to get the meaning.  Then to make the application is yet another study.  I am glad that the Lord has blessed so many folks with the greater ability and gift to put into words the meaning of the Scripture.

Scripture gives understanding of Scripture, true.  Now to know the scriptures then helps you find the meaning.  Where did I read that verse, what book was it in?  To compare scripture with scripture you need to know where the scripture is.  Here again I am thankful for those in those early years, before TV,  and the Internet that they took time to write by hand verses that matched.



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