Luke 5:17-26 Noted

Studied Luke 5:17-26 yield some good thoughts. The Pharisee had some good theology about God and forgiveness and the need to be forgiven by God. They just didn’t believe Jesus was God. I learned from this sermon that

(1) Forgiveness is necessary

(2) Only God has the authority to forgive, not man, priest, pope or preacher

(3) All people are sinners, and all are under the wrath of God

(4) God forbids anybody to declare a sinful person righteous

(5) The message of Christianity is this: God forgives sinners

(6) Learned at 75% of evangelicals believe that man is generally good and they convince them they are.

(7) Jesus had the power to bring a soul out of darkness and bring that soul into the Kingdom of God

(8) Jesus knowledge of the human hearts was amazing

(9) Perception word study

(10) Jesus was about forgiven sin, rather than healing the man

(11) Faith that brings about forgiveness

(12) Jesus read the heart of the man who knew he was a sinner

(13) People in the Old Testament was saved knowing they needed to be forgiven

(14) What is necessary for a man to believe about Jesus to believe.

(15) Word study of a lot of words in the periscope.

In the study for this message I discovered so much more than I could ever thought I could.

While I have many of the technical books necessary to gleam from, what is so great is that these same books that I spend $100’s to buy are now on websites for free.

For example books that I have  in my library that are on websites

Charles library 1

Well these are three ring binders that have so much research material that I have done over the years since 2003.

Charles book at home 2014

My technical bible books

  1.   Vine’s  Expository Dictionary of N.T. Words
  2.    Strong’s Greek Dictionary
  3. The Pulpit Commentary set (24 columns)
  4. Commentaries by Pink, MacArthur, Spurgeon, Gill, Barnes, Ironside, Lloyd-Jones  etc
  5. Zondervan Pictorial
  6. The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
  7. I have a number of books on  Christian Theology, Systemic Theology, Doctrinal Theology, Christian Theology, Dictionary of Evangelical Theology
  8. Concordances
  9. Greek Lexicons
  10. Greek Bible

Just to name a few:  But there are so many good sites that one can go and get a good resources about preaching and teaching and knowing the Bible.





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