Learning to Think Right About Ministry

1 Peter 1 13 purposeful living

ROBT Churches

Dad was pastor in Roanoke VA, 1950- 1966

Preachers have to do the same things that they teach their members to do: believe the Word, and the Truth that is given to us in the Word.

Speaking from my own experience learning to think right in my mind about the ministry which the Lord has given me is and has been always a challenge to my thinking and my attitude.

I was studying the periscope from Second Corinthian 10 this last week. Paul gives a good talk about how to view him and the ministry that the Lord had given him.  He is contrasting himself with false teachers.

The one area that I have had to struggle with over the last fifty years (if you count back to when I was sixteen years old in 1964) is understanding the journey of being a preacher and being in church ministry.  While at the same time being a husband and a Dad and a worker in the public work force has been a challenge.

When I begin this journey as a teenager and the Lord and Dad put into my mind this idea of teaching the Word of God it was the whole focus in life. All that I wanted to do was work with teenagers, see them come to Jesus Christ, and teaching them the Word of God, and help them grow in Christ.

One of the best times of my life was in those early years when I was working with my Dad in the church. Once I started been the youth teacher, that dominated my attention 24/7  for twenty-seven months. (than my Dad died suddenly with a heart attack).

I had this idea that I would be like my Dad in ministry. I had this idea that I would be teaching in a church and working for the Lord and it would be so wonderful.  I had no clue what lay ahead of me in the years to come.

First I had no clue that my Dad would die, that just about knocked me out of living, let alone preaching!  I look back and wondered how Mom survived Dad dying. But Mom did survived and she was a wonderful mother.  She lived forty four years after Dad died and did very well too.


What I believed would happen in the next few years, and what did happen never happen as I thought would happen.

After Dad died, we moved to Danville, VA, from Roanoke VA.  And from Danville, I went to Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington TX

Going to Seminary was to be the most wonderful experience of my young life!  What I had expected and what happen was just the opposite.  But I was not going to be distracted by all the political preachers distraction.  From the first day to the last day of Seminary there were enough things that happen that the average person would quit.  But I was bound and determine that I was going to learn as much as I could about the Word of God.  And I am thankful for Dr. Oldham, Dr. Martin, Dr, Cunningham, Dr. Norris, Dr. Barber, Mrs. Norris, and Mrs. Barber and even Dr. Walker Moore for their teaching, but not thankful for the personal experiences in their churches and how they treat  me as a person.

But I did survived three years and I did meet my lovely wife Charity and some good friends, and loved Dr. George Norris as a person and as a pastor, he was the very best and most like my Dad.

I did not quit.  But then the next move following Seminary, its a wonder I didn’t.

But after awhile all this can wear on your mind, soul and body and spirit.

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