Churches Reaching the 70% of People who do not go to Church


2 Timothy 4 15 deceitipon

Has I was listening to the newest man who has started a new place where people can come and feel warm, and safe, and where the people are not perfect, broken and need help, I wondered if this is something new that we have not had in Scioto Country in the last 100 years?

He said what has been the norm is no l0nger working so we need to get weird. 

So he is saying that all the churches we have here in Scioto country have not been doing the right things to get people into church.

They tell me that 70% of the people in Scioto County do not go to church, and that would be around 60,000 people.

This man  (whom I am not going to call a preacher, nor am I going to call this place a church)  said that they are starting a new place to reach the 70% who do not come to church.

I ask my self,  have not the churches been doing that in the last 100 years?  50 years?  25 years?  We have many good churches here. We have a number of good Baptist churches doing a good work for Christ here, and a number of other churches that believe the Word, preach salvation and work hard at reaching people. 

I listen to another pastor who said that every country in the United States, which I believe is 3000, have not had an increase in people going to church in years.

People are not going to church!  And yet most churches strive to see their church grow.    So is this because the churches are not doing the Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way?  No!  More than likely they are doing just that.

But every once in a while a person comes to town and believes he has the answer in getting people to come to church. And they are going to show us how it is done?  


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