Faith To Keep The Law



We are to keep the Law’s of God.  By our new found spirit of Christ we are giving the ability to be obedient to the Word of Christ in our living.

We have the Spirit=aided means of keeping this divine demand, and we have this empowerment that is available to every one of us as believers  to be obedient to the laws of Christ in our lives.

Acquiescence and abiding by divine demand is always to be accomplished not in our own strength, but by the wonder ful grace of God and the means of enablement is of the Holy Spirit, and through the means that we have faith to obey

The Jews tried to keep the Law in an legalistic attempt at compliance with God’s demands and gain His favor . But in Christ as new creators in Christ t0 keep the law is a spiritual one with faith as the instrument and the Holy Spirit as the empowering agent to bring about the desire and ability to keep the laws of Christ..

Those who have been enabled by the Holy Spirit rightly they understand it the right light of Christ and they are acquiescence and abiding in the divine demands of Christ in their lives.

And those who have not yet been enabled by the Holy Spirit do not yet rightly understand the need to be obedient to Christ’s laws unto a holy life in Christ.  They don’t yet understand the law aright in the light of Jesus Christ and yet to be set free to make a beginning of trying to obey it with humble joy.






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