Moving In The Right Direction

2014-03-18 18-16-54.298

Scripture teaches that we are totally depraved, and that includes our intellectual, as well as our volitional and emotional aspects. Yes, our feelings
sometimes lead us into sin, but the same is true of our intellects. If we seek to remedy our emotionalism by bringing our emotions into line with depraved
intellectual concepts, there is no net gain. Similarly, Scripture teaches that God’s grace saves us as whole persons. Our thinking, acting, and feeling are all
changed by regeneration. God’s grace leads us to seek conformity with God’s
Word. The important thing is not to bring the emotions into line with the
intellect, but to bring both emotions and intellect into line with God’s
– John Frame

Today I have downloaded this past Sunday’s A.M. sermon and also P.M. sermon, I have put on YouTube the Sunday A.M. and now putting the P.M. Sermon on YouTube. March 18 2018

To put the whole sermon on YouTube takes 15 hours.  I cut down the sermons into 15 minutes, and this process takes 3 hours.  I must have a low internet modems.  2014-03-18 18-17-39.956

I must admit I have a problem with liking shirts.  Why this has happen I have no clue.  But I must admit that today I bought eight very nice dress shirts to wear, and I paid the sum of $19.85.  And I remember going to J.C. Pennys and paying $45 per shirt, and the ties were $25.  Today a necktie cost $45.

Then picked up Charity from Union Mills, and we went out to eat. Love the time with my lovely wife.  Came home around 5 p.m.

The Lord is rich in his mercy and gracious in His blessings to us.





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