Bumper-sticker slogan are not good theology





Too many Christians have the bumper-sticker slogan mentality. People will read “God said it, I believe it, that settles it,” and they are so oblivious to the question-begging inherent in the formulation; and there is no escape from the imperative of interpreting the Word.  Bumper-sticker hermeneutics will not do.

Most of the bumper stickers on the Bible is so bad on theology its not good to believe it.

Why is the Bible language so political rhetoric exemplify a perennial difficulty; everybody wants to claim the Bible.

All Christians it seems have always deemed it essential that their ethical teachings and practices stand in continuity with Scripture. Every political person and many pastors use the Bible to support conflicting positions as their own.

Why is that? Because we do not know the Bible very well.


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