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Two things over the last 50 years of ministry, in studying scripture that I usually do not do:

1A  Give much heed to someone who is not a theologian or a preacher of the gospel and has come Seminary training.

2A  Its a rare if ever that I listen or read from a woman, (do disrespect here) when it comes to theological issues. Even though they are sometimes smarter than I am.

Well over the last few weeks I have engaged in some topics of doctrine that is totally differently than what I believe. And after a great amount of addressing issues it came down to this comment:

John Cummins:  said THAT, is ultimately the problem. The problem of simple definitions, allowing scripture to interpret scripture, etc. having scripture as the proper filter or rather lenses by which we allow all our thoughts to go through is of utmost importance AND NOT allowing wrong presuppositions or assumptions to be at the base CAN be quite hard not only for Charles, but, perhaps all of us. Bos challenge to other “reformed” people on the gifts is a prime example. MacArthur has a set of faulty assumptions that guides him and many other “reformed”, Bo then asks, “are your assumptions (I’m paraphrasing him) valid on, say, the gifts of the Holy Spirit or is it mere rationalism via the Right wing Enlightenment?)”, a good question to ask. Thus, all of us need to evaluate and reevaluate basic assumptions/presuppositions from time to time, not only Charles, but all of us.

Several things about this comment that I really have trouble with:

1A  Suggesting that I do not teach scripture correctly therein is a problem

2A  To suggest that there is a having scripture as the proper filter or rather lenses by which we allow all our thoughts to go through is of utmost importance

3A  AND NOT allowing wrong presuppositions or assumptions

4A Then making a wrong comment about John MacArthur, that is fighting words for sure.

5A MacArthur has a set of faulty assumptions that guides him.

I would hate to think after 50 years of studying the Bible that I have come up John Mac at pupitwrong on the Gospel, the Church, and the Kingdom of God, the Sovereign of God.

And if I would have to choose who I am going to believe against anyone it would be John MacArthur.  If I were to be persuaded to change my mind about doctrine John would be the one person I would give heed to.

Laura made this statement as well that I do not agree with:

Laura Vaivada “What is the Full Gospel? …. Often when Christians speak of “the Gospel” they seem to equate it with “Jesus died for our sins.” While this is an essential component of the Full Gospel, it is not equal to the Full Gospel; rather, it is “truncated and [unintentionally] man-centred… This sort of truncation has significant implications for the public square, culture, and the church’s mission: “A compromised church finds itself parked in a back alley of cultural irrelevance … [when it has] … sometimes equated the Gospel with ‘Jesus died for our sins.’ The Christian Gospel has been truncated and diluted in two ways. It has become either a take-it-or-leave-it Christian version of contemporary ideology, or it remains a mere program for personal salvation – a high speed Gospel train to heaven.””
“The Gospel is the coming of a great King. The gospel is not just about us. It is not limited to justification by faith. It is focused on God and His coming. It is almost political in its force… the Gospel, then, is the coming of the Kingdom; that is, the coming of the King to make things right. Incidentally, there is no dichotomy here between gospel and the law. The coming of the King means He will enforce his law in the world, that He will bring righteousness. That is the Gospel, the good news.” Scripturally, no dichotomy exists between the ‘personal’ and the ‘cultural.’”
“The individual believer has a comprehensive task. His is the task of exterminating evil from the whole universe. He must begin this program in himself. As a king reinstated, it is his first battle to fight sin within his own heart. This will remain his first battle till his dying day. We must go one step further. It is our duty not only to seek to destroy evil in ourselves and our fellow Christians, but it is our further duty to seek to destroy evil in our fellow man… Still further we must note that our task with respect to the destruction of evil is not done if we have sought to fight sin itself everywhere we see it. We have the further obligation to destroy the consequences of sin in this world. As far as we can…”
“The goal of the Gospel is not soteria (salvation) but basileia (kingdom). The Good News is that Jesus died for sinners in order to bring all things under His authority (Phil. 2). Or, to put it another way, soteria’s consummation is basileia. It is what we are saved to. Col. 1:13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.”
“The idea that the Gospel is addressed only to the individual and that it is only indirectly addressed to societies, nations and cultures is simply an illusion of our individualistic post-Enlightenment Western culture. Very plainly when we turn to the Old Testament we find no such separation of the individual from the society which nurtures and forms him and of which he is a part.”
“The Church’s mission is to preach and apply the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, through obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20, which commits us to person-winning (evangelism and discipleship), family winning (marriage, children, and Christian education), culture winning (redemption of cultures, societies, and nations), and Christian civilization building, making the world’s nations Christ’s disciples. Christians must strive to be faithful to the Creation Mandate of Genesis 1:28 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, which together comprise a unified directive to the church. The Church’s God-given purpose is, by God’s Word and Spirit, to renew every idea, activity, relationship, and institution of human existence, beginning with the human heart. Her motivation is Christ’s Person. Her basis is Christ’s work. Her power is Christ’s Spirit. Her pattern is Christ’s humanity. Her protection is Christ’s deity. Her strategy is Christ’s Word. Her hope is Christ’s victory. Her mandate is Christ’s law. Her food is Christ’s sacraments. Her aim is Christ’s glory.”
“God has promised His church a glorious future in Jesus Christ. Christians must look forward to the future, knowing that, with all its struggles and victories, it belongs to the faithful people of God (1 Corinthians 3:21-22). They are to be future-oriented in their present responsibilities and ministries. Their vision for life and the future is determined by the promises of God’s covenant and of Christ’s Kingdom which is from sea to sea, and encompasses every square inch of creation. As far as the curse extends, so does the redemption in Christ. Christians must pray that God will use them to spread the covenantal blessings of salvation throughout the world (Ps. 227-28; Gal. 2:7-29), so that the Kingdom of Christ and the preaching of that Kingdom will leaven the whole loaf of human life and society as it advances toward total victory (Mark 4:21-32). Christians work, pray, and hope for the day when the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9), the Great Commission fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven.”
Well this is the understanding of these two nice people.  Which I disagree with.. But I like to give a full understanding of that they are saying.  Good people can have idea that they truly believe in and disagree with others/. 
 This blog has already been long but I will address this issue in the next blog

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