What is the best way for the Pastor to counsel his members? 

Let me give you a brief history of my experience in this matter of counseling.

My first experience in professional counseling happen in early 90’s I believe: Priory to that time I a had no clue what counseling was all about.

Christian Counseling was the terms that we used in those days.  First I believe I bought a set one book at a time with Gary R. Collins, General Editor. There were 30 books in the set.  I have used some of those over the years.

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I begin to collect and buy some books on counseling.2014-01-14 13-02-13.916;As you see there are a few of these books

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You know how is a Minister to minister to his people right?

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I thought I need a Master and I thought about Liberty U. so I enrolled in their Life Long Learning course. At $300 per hour that was a lot of work.

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We learned about Charles Solomon and we really like him a lot.2014-01-14 13-02-13.916There were the Clyde M. Narramore.

    1. Marshall Shelley
  1. Patrick M. Morley
  2. Kevin Leman
  3. Howard G. Hendricks
  4. John Kruis

Then one of the biggest teachers of Counseling was Larry Crabb and he was really good up to a point.   “Real Change Is Possible If You’re Willing to Start From the Inside Out” is a good book

So over the years I did gather a few counseling books that I was going to use to be a great counseling since people had so many trouble.


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