Know The Mind Of Christ Through The Bible

I have a goal this year is to know an outline of every book in the bible.

2014 a

I remember as Youth Pastor at Southall Baptist Church, Danville, Va, in the Sunday Evening class I would get the kids to made an outline of the Books of the Bible.  I did that in Wooster Baptist Temple, Wooster Ohio.  Out line the Bible I would say.  That was fun. Bill Reinhart and David Greegor and several othr.  Arthur Begley

I don’t ever want to be caught in a situation where I ask about something in which I cannot give the mind of Christ. Or at least to give the flow of the book, that is what we are doing in our Adult Bible Class at Rivers of Joy baptist Church. The Promise plan of God.

What are the key chapters of the Bible or verses.

What are the main doctrines of the Bible are so they are crystallizing  and clarified  in your own mind .Why: I would have failed \my ordination with all this.

Of all things that someone who goes into ministry should be able to do it is to reveal what the scripture says and that is the mind of Christ on everything

God plan for the church  Ephesians 4

But we are people Preachers/Pastor/Teachers who should be able to say this is the mind of Christ, this is the word of God on that subject and if you don’t spend your life digging into the word of God you are not going to be able to do that.

I know I have my notes when I preach, its hard at a moment to give an answer when you are in a store.

I recall when I worked a Mesco Medel Building in Grapevine, Texas.. People who knew I was a preacher and a seminary student thought that I should have a already answer to ever question that would ask.

On one of my first jobs at BBS I worked for a man who had a cleaning offices and one the way he would ask me questions about the things of the world and the world and God. I remember boy how am I going to answer these questions.

I work for some time at a Nursing Home as as Housekeeper Supervisorr and workers and people would ask me so many questions.  I need to have an answer.

I was just 19 years old.  But what was good I had for 27 months at my Dad’s church had a Sunday School Class and I loved to study the bible. I did have a lot of knowledge then.

This is the word of God on that subject.  But even at 66 years old I need to get back into the word and if I am going to be an administered of Jesus Christ I need to be prepared to speak as if it were Christ Himself.I stand in His place.

1 Corinthians 2:14-16 we are remined of a very important spiritual truth and  read it please. Mark it down, an unconvereted natural person doesn’t get it, doesn’t understand the things of God.  People are just not favorable with the Scripture.    Lost people just do not get the truths of God.  And that is to be expected as a response.
Just because they don’t get it does not change the truth. Note the verse in vs. 16. We have the mind of Christ, He has revealed His mind in the scripture.

So what is my responsibility as a preacher/teacher?  That whenever I speak I speak the mind of Christ: how can I do that if I don’t know what is in the book. If I haven’t submitted my self to it:

Many are shallow, lack knowledge of  scripture, they may know the culture you know they may be funny, they may be clever, they want people to like them, but they can’t speak for Christ and that’s what I am committed to you.


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