Preaching and Teaching from 1964 to 2013

Charles Dad Mom


EARLY YEARS  1963-1966

  1. In my Dad’s church I was the Youth Teacher of the Teens and young adults:  I taught Psalms, and Revelation.  The reason I was able to was because Dad had a wonderful library of good books, and he helped me study. I still have those notes today.


  1. Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington Texas.   I believe I had over 120 hours of study of the Bible.


  1. 1970-1971  Youth Pastor: taught Youth Class:  I still have most of the lessons I taught.
  2. 1971-1974  Pastor of Madison Baptist Church: Taught the book of Hebrews:: Still have notes.
  3. 1974-1975  Youth Pastor: General lessons.
  4. 1975-1976  Educational Director
  5. 1975-1976  Assoc. Pastor, Educational Pastor, Youth Pastor
  6. 1978-1980  Went to college to work on my Masters in Education (Hyles-=Anderson campus)
  7. 1980-1996  Pastor/Teacher of First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas
    1. From 1982 to 1996: Taught: Matthew,  Acts, Romans, I Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, I Thessalonians, Philemon, I Peter, and Revelation, Daniel, Proverbs and Isaiah.
    2. Work on a Masters in Church Ministry, (Bethal College) Masters in Theology (Liberty Life Long Learning) and Masters in Biblical Counseling (LLLL)
  8. 1996-2001  Work in several jobs and taught an Adult Bible Class and six months pastor of two churches for six months.
  9. 2002-2003  Assoc. Pastor, Adult class
  10. 2003-2008  Work on a Master in Theology: Studied 6-8 hours a day for 4 years
  11. 2008 to 2014  Pastor/Teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church:
    1. Romans, I Thessalonians 1, Philippians, I Peter 1, Proverbs to 16, Isaiah to 10, Daniel, and Luke to 4 (present)
  12. 1982-2014  Shepherd’s Conferences 1982, 1990, 1993 and on line each year.
  13. 2013  On line classes from Master’s College: John MacArthur and Steven Lawson.


From 1983 to the present: I do 99% expositional teaching of the Bible: Book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, word by word.  In the text, read the text, know the text, apply the text.


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