Getting The Bible Printed Was Not Easy

A Visiual Hisotry of the Bible

The time might come in America that preachers are going to be arrested for speaking the truth that is in the Bible if it is not political correct in the eyes of a few who are trying to control the agenda of free speech.  Reminds me of the 1500-1600 when those preachers spend a lot of time in jail for their belief. Some were even killed for their belief that every person should have a Bible in their hands.

Reading the history of the Bible been printed and giving to the public:  The book:  “A Visual History of the English Bible ” by Donal L. Brake is a great visual book with over 100 illustrations.  How the Bible went from the Pulpit to the People really is good.  But that task was not easy. And was not like buy the church of that day either.

Those who desired to have the Bible in print was danger of been either killed our run out of town.

Though English translations had been approved by Henry and his court, the attempts of the enemies of the Reformation to destroy all English Bibles were not slowed down.

With the printing of the Coverdale and Grafton there was danger still lurked at every stage of the work.

Well you would need to read the book for a full detail of this process of printing a Bible in the 1500’s.

Well today we have a bible every where and in many homes and hotels, and library and no one is going to try to take them out of those places.  But few are reading the Bible that cost many their lives in their getting the bible in the hands of the common people.


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