How Are Churches Getting People In Their Church

pastor sheep 1How are preachers to be shepherds to their sheep?

Since we did not have services at ROJBC on Sunday, we watched a lot of preachers on TV. 

  1. David Jeremiah
  2. Charles Price
  3. Thomas Road Baptist Church Service
  4. Andy Stanly
  5. Charles Stanly
  6. Several others though out the day.

Then at 3 p.m. I was able to view live stream the Grace Community Church service from Sun Valley CA.  Then again at 10 p.m.  Remember that CA is 3 hours behind us.

So as we watch all these different styles of preaching and presenting the gospel we ask ourselves how is the best way to present the Gospel so that people can understand the Gospel?

Let us look briefly at Andy Stanley

North Point Ministries, Inc., was founded in 1995 with the vision of creating churches that un-churched people love to attend. Since its inception, NPM has grown from one church to five in metro-Atlanta and has developed a global network of more than thirty strategic partner churches.  From their website. North Point Ministry

They say they reach on a Sunday 30,000  people.

He has an entire different approach then his dad.

-Not the phrase “the vision of creating un-churched  people love to attend.”  How do you do this?

Some believe if we just an communicate right with people so that they can understand the gospel we have a better chance of seeing them saved?  So this is what Jonathan Falwell and Andy Stanley and Ed Nelson Jr and others do, they illustrate their sermons.  They have a desire to made the gospel simple enough that people will believe. Secondly they desire to help people in their needs. They want to help them in their marriage, their living live, their family, their daily live at work, and many of the problems that people have. Thus there sermons are design to address a special need that they are having in their lives.

So they had a series where they put a bed on the stage and Ed Nelson Jr, and his wife got on the bed as he preached.  How to have a great marriage series.

Now the above preachers are Gospel preachers and preach the Word.  Its how they preach the Gospel that is what many are concern with.


Then there is the other kind of church service:

Hillsong Church is a Pentecostalmegachurch affiliated with Australian Christian Churches (the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God) and located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Brian and Bobbie Houston began the church in 1983 as the Hills Christian Life Centre in Baulkham Hills. Hills Christian Life Centre later merged with Sydney Christian Life Centre at Waterloo. Over 30,000 people attend services each week

They have a location in NYC which was on CBS Sunday. I believe they son of the founder is there. They have a large crowd of people come.  The leader said they have an event where people come to church.

So what are we saying?  It is true that we as preachers want people who not saved to come to be saved, and we want Christians to be Christians and live a live of holiness as First People tells us.

The question how do we learn how to do this? Here is the quesiton




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