Youth Teacher 1963

Charles Youth Director RBTI was in the 10th grade at Jefferson High School in Roanoke VA. When the President shot and kills. I also was in the school play projection: “Bye Bye Bird” and we had three night shows at the school, and they did decide to have the play go on that night.
On a side note the photo is the outline of the lesson I taught at Roanoke Baptist Temple the following Sunday.

I began teaching way back in 1963 at the Roanoke Baptist Temple: Here is my outline as a 16 year old:
Service: “The act of labor performed in the interest and under the direction of others.”
a) Working under the direction of men
b) discontented and unhappy
c) Jude speaks of such as “murderers complainer working after their own lusts”
a) an unselfish service performed in the interest and under the direction of others.
b) seeking to benefit mankind and the world.
c) produced our heroes: like Ford and Byrd, ect.
a) not only benefit our present world, but one that will prove an everlasting benefit in the eternal world.
b) Christian (meaning)
a) Christ-like
b) a follower of Christ.

I know Al Myers was in our Bible study in those days. Knowing today that Al and Barbara Eakin Myers are today still faithful as they have served graciously in jobs and in the local church. What a beautiful couple and example of Christian service.


2013-11-22 14-25-21.833Loved printing back in those days, and still do today.


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