As A Pastor Sometimes There Are Some You Just Can’t Help


There are many things the pastor has to learn in ministry: One: you are not going to get all your people to be on the same page as you are.  What I am learning again is that you can’t help people be where you want them to be with they wanting to be on that level.  If they they don’t want help you can’t help them.  You  can only help people on the level upon which they want help.  And as we know, you will not convert people against their wills, and you will not make people feed their souls on the Word of God against their wills.

Over the last 40 plus years as pastor, youth pastor of a lot of people and churches I have had a hard time learning that I can’t get everyone on the level I would love to see them on as a Christian.

What we need to do as pastors is to discern what people are after, and not waste a lifetime running after those who are vain and empty, selling them a Christ they don’t want.


There have been times that someone will come to the church service and after hearing my sermon that they accused me of preaching at them, or knowing and discussing their private affairs in public.  In this case I had no clue about their private affairs.  But there have been several times that I have dealt with the problems of individuals in public.

But more often then not I have been totally unaware that a person was in this difficulty at all.

As I am learning the Holy Spirit has more sense, not to say more care for folks than we have.  While I am preaching Romans or First Peter or Luke, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all the truth, this means that we are not going to know everything so we become walking theological encyclopaedia, but that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all the truth we need to know, to live Christ’s life to the fullest extent in our personal situation.






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